The need for a professional vehicle locksmith will arise from several unknown circumstances. People most often require just the basic service of gaining entry to the vehicle.

Top quality companies like go above and beyond this frequent operation and provide customers with a multitude of services.

Is the key bent or broken?

In some cases, the key may only be bent or broken. These situations can be dealt with simply by forcing the key back into proper shape with clamps or by reattaching the broken metal with the correct form of adhesive or weld.

If the key has broken and remains in the lock?

Yet, in some circumstances, the metal portion of the key has snapped off inside the lock itself. It is only with precise instruments and careful hands that the key can be removed without damage to the lock itself. Technicians with are equipped with the tools and training to provide harmless broken key extraction from locks.

This may include use of small pliers if a portion of the key is protruding from the lock. However, if no piece is accessible, than only a small straight blade or small flat screwdriver will do the trick. If the lock does not require the microchip in the head of the key, then you may be fortunate enough to at least unlock the vehicle by turning the key. There is always a chance the lock will have to be removed and disassembled in order to gain extraction. Happily, most vehicles’ have two doors from which to gain entry if the driver’s side is completely inoperable.

In the most severe cases, a locksmith will have to drill into the lock. While this is the least likely scenario, it should be understood that there is a chance the lock will become unserviceable and need total replacement. Thus, it is advised to trust only the best trained professionals with the proper tools. A new set of locks could set you back £400 or more.

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