During the course of the past decade, there have been a number of different keyless car remotes, entry systems and automotive security devices that have appeared on the market.

Two of the most successful innovations have come in the forms of smart keys and keyless fobs. Both of these devices offer car owners excellent degrees of security and convenience when it comes to accessing their vehicle, but there is a very large difference between the two devices.

Smart keys are entry devices that are similar to traditional keys except that they are equipped with a simple chip that is designed to correspond with a set of codes built into a vehicle. While smart keys give car owners a greater sense of security, they also make obtaining a set of replacement car keys more inconvenient when you are dealing with a set of lost car keys.

Keyless fobs transmit a simple code over radio waves to a car’s remote entry system and can be replaced by car key replacement professionals with some basic car key programming equipment.

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