Most car owners do not give much thought into how the keyless remote control for their car locks actually works until they require a set of replacement remote control car keys.

When an automotive locksmith completes an order for car key replacement, he uses some fairly simple car key programming tools in order to replace a customers car keys. Let’s take an inside look at how these remote control locking systems work and how today’s professional automotive locksmiths apply the basic principles of car key programming.

The small devices that car owners use to lock and unlock their cars work by sending a digital code to a receiver locating in their car’s locking apparatus. So long as the code matches the code that is programmed into a car, the vehicle will follow instructions from a car owner’s remote control.

When a locksmith is providing a car owner with a set of replacement remote control car keys, he uses standard methods to gain entry to a vehicle. He then has to access the correct digital code for the car’s locks and programs this code into a set of replacement remote control car keys for the customer.

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