Most mobile vehicle locksmiths are only equipped and trained to handle problems revolving around gaining entry to the vehicle. Yet, there are additional services provided by that assist when the issue has to do with the ignition and starting the vehicle.

The key has broken within the ignition

Should the situation involve the ignition, a technician will follow similar procedures as if it were stuck inside the door lock. Should the key simply be stuck and not broken, applying an oily substance like WD-40 should be able to dislodge it. If the key continues to turn beyond typical stop points, then it is possible the ignition switch lock cylinders have worn. Continuing to turn the key may free they key, but the ignition switch itself will likely need repaired or replaced.

However, if the key has been broken, with any luck, a portion of the key is protruding from the ignition allowing it to be gripped by a set of small pliers and operated thus. At the very least, this will allow you to operate the car and drive it to a quality service station.

Repairing or replacing the ignition switch on-site

With advancements in technology and training, mobile vehicle locksmiths working withCar Key Replacement are able to repair and even replace ignition switches on-site and provide customers with a new set of replacement car keys.

Upon removal of the ignition switch from the vehicle, the trained personnel will determine if repair is possible. If so, the roadside assistance vehicle has the materials to quickly fix and reattach the unit.

Nevertheless, repairing the ignition switch often is only a short-term solution. Usually the unit will need to be completely replaced. If available, the technician will assist the vehicle owner in acquiring the correct switch from a local distributor and replace the unit on-site.

When the unit is not immediately available, the technician will assist the driver in obtaining proper services to move the vehicle to a safe location. Furthermore, are happy to do the leg work in obtaining the unit and completing the replacement at a later date.

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