Several vehicle locksmiths who are working today do not have the necessary equipment, knowledge or training to make replacement car keys especially for new vehicles and often refer customers back to their dealership.

However, some auto locksmiths may attempt to repair the system, opening cars often causing damage to the sensitive locking mechanism resulting in huge repair bills.

Highly trained vehicle locksmith companies have technicians that can make replacement keys on-site and therefore offer a mobile car key replacement service.

These mobile car key replacement companies are usually members of the CLI or the MLA who guarantee the work of its members and support their members customer service policies. It is prudent to seek out, identify and verify the professionals in your area. This endeavour will save time, money, effort and headaches.

Mobile Car Key Replacement Service On-Line

It is frightful when after calling for emergency service , waiting several hours only to meet an unseemly character show up with clearly substandard equipment, demeanor or skill. He assures you that he will get you going and your gut instincts tells you that you would be better off if you pushed your car to it’s destination. Therefore it is best to research services available, qualifications and familiarity with the year, make and model of your vehicle.

An on-line search will provide you with a car key replacement specialist in your area. Make sure the company has a speedy response time and is equipped to handle multiple issues that may be encountered.

Below are a few of the car makes and models we specialise in. Complete our short enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss the options available to you.