In the past when you had the misfortune of having lost car keys, you regretfully had only one choice, this was to contact the dealer.

If you are fortunate to be at home or the office, then at least the car is in a safe place albeit inoperable. However, this convenience is rarely the case, and most often service stations will determine the car has to be towed to a secure location at tremendous expense.

Having to contact the dealer presents its own series of obstacles. You could only be fortunate enough if a dealer is nearby. Next, it would only be opportune if the corporate owner of the dealer permits the dealership to create keys on-site.

Historically, replacement car keys for high-end luxury vehicles were only produced by the manufacturer. This process not only required substantial information from the owner, but the process took weeks or months if the manufacturer was located in a foreign country. The key would only be produced after having proved beyond doubt that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle. And, when the key finally arrived in the mail, heaven forbid that it did not work.

Today, in cases where the owner of the vehicle no longer possesses the key, the trained personnel with Car Key Replacement are able to use advancements in computer technology to create new replacement car keys on-site. Better yet, proof of ownership becomes quite obvious in face-to-face encounters.

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