Prior to hiring vehicle locksmiths, it is best to understand exactly what a vehicle locksmith is and what one is able to perform.

Vehicle locksmiths are similar to traditional locksmiths. However, traditional locksmiths are typically in the business of creating and designing locks in anticipation that the user maintains access to the key.

Despite cinema and popular media portrayals of highly skilled bank robbers and town hoodlums, cracking or breaking a lock is quite difficult. A traditional locksmith may understand what needs to be done, but doing so is a different story. People that are successful in “picking” a lock often break the lock in the process.

However, vehicle owners would likely be upset to learn that while they can get into the vehicle, they are no longer able to lock the vehicle. Suffice to say they have a vested interest in the lock continuing to function properly beyond the immediate fix.

Vehicle locksmiths are highly trained professionals with specific knowledge on how a vehicle lock operates. Included in their training is the understanding that not every vehicle lock is designed in the same manner.

Simply, more expensive luxury vehicles of the modern age use more sophisticated technology such as ECU programming in order to prevent vehicle theft. Much of this technology is based in advanced electronic devices rather than shapes and sizes of keys.

Most modern commercial and passenger vehicles have computerised microchips within the head of the key that must be recognized by the computer inside the car. Without this connection, the key will fail to work because the lock will be immobilised.

Vehicle locksmiths are trained to recognize the steps necessary in providing access to the vehicle. In addition, they possess tools which are able to duplicate the correct signal required by the on-board computer.

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