Buy a new fob or replacement car key now – here’s why

Quite often we hear from customers when it is too late. The last remaining key has been lost or misplaced resulting in the car and occupants being stranded.

Additional expense, stress and inconvenience are all effects of losing our mobility caused by lost car keys. It can be a nightmare.

Rather than get caught out, you can take some precautionary steps today that will reduce the problems you face when you lose or misplace your car key.

When buying a new or used car insist on a minimum of 2 keys. Do not leave the showroom until you have these as post sale it can be tricky to chase through. Make 2 keys a condition of any purchase. Post sale the cost from the dealer could mount to hundreds of pounds to have a new key and transponder created.

If you are down to one key already you should request a car key replacement today. For a minimal cost, you then have the peace of mind afforded from having a spare in the house at all times. This means on losing one key you simply have to request a new car key replacement and remove the cost associated with a replacement car key request from the dealer, not to mention the additional transport costs during the period while the new key is being created.

Car Key Replacement – Checklist:

  • Is the car key specialist available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week?
  • Are they close by or will they charge extra to visit your local area?
  • What is the average call out time based on previous customers experience?
  • Are they able to handle your car type and model number?
  • Are replacement car keys created and programmed on site?
  • Are the car key company able to remove broken car keys from locks?
  • It’s vital to know that the mobile vehicle locksmiths have the tools of the trade with him or her to deal quickly with : Transponder keys, Smart keys, Electronic car keys or other programmed car keys.
  • If a fix can be achieved onsite does this come at an additional cost.

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