While all auto locksmiths might look the same to the casual observer, it is important to make a distinction between traditional locksmith and anautomotive locksmith specialist.

Many of the auto locksmiths who are working today still rely very heavily upon traditional locksmith methods that were designed for older vehicles. True car key replacement specialists have an intimate knowledge of car key programming and other modern techniques that allow them to produce on site replacement car keys for modern car owners who have lost car keys,broken car keys or even had them stolen.

As a growing number of the cars that are on the road today use more sophisticated locking mechanisms than ever, it has become increasingly important to draw a distinction between professionals who specializing in modern car locks and auto locksmiths who are stuck in the past.

Many of these more traditional auto locksmiths are still able to gain entry to the newest models of cars, but they take much longer to complete their work and often charge more than modern locksmiths who have all of the latest equipment at their fingertips.

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